EZY FIT Sports Shoes
EZY FIT Sports Shoes

EZY FIT Sports Shoes

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  • Sold in pairs.
  • Therapeutic shoes using the latest polyurethane materials.
  • Created via injection mould manufacturing techniques, similar to those used in the current aircraft industry.
  • Lighter than aluminium yet twice as hard wearing.
  • Supportive and provides better shock absorption to the horse than the traditional steel or aluminium shoes.
  • Benefits the horses joints and reduces the possibility of injuries enabling better comfort for the horse.
  • The unique design of the Ezy-Fit shoes incorporate a special steel insert allowing the shoe to be shaped and altered using an anvil or stall jack to fit the individual horses foot.
  • Easy to fit. With specially designed tabs that lock the shoe in for a more secure fitting when glued on. Alternatively just snip off the tabs and nail on like a normal shoe. 
  • A must have for farriers working on therapeutic cases.
  • Approved by the British Horse Racing Association.

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